Separate folder structure with movie sheets


l’ve had my WD Hub for less than a week and its really cool…I’m in the process of setting the movie sheets…

My question is this…How do I split ther folders from my home movies folders and my BluRay movies folders

but still have the movie sheet for the bluRay folders .I can only get the movie sheets to display with  filter set to all…

Here is how I have my folder structure…

 WDTVLive Hub

   Home Movies

        Home Movie1

        Home Movie 2

    My Media




             My Blu-Ray Movies

                  Avatr <--------Avatar.jpg   Avatar.mp4   Avatar.xml

                  Battle LA<----Battle.jpg    Battle.mp4    Battle.xml


What theme do you use? I’ve seen different configurations depending on the theme o.o

The default (mochi)

If I understand you question correctly, you can not have moviesheets for folders.  This is a bug in the firmware which has yet to be fixed.  You can ONLY have moviesheets for you files.  You will need to take your BD’s out of seperate folders and place them in at the same level.  So that you have something like this:

Blu-ray folder



    Avatar_sheet.jpg (moviesheet)


    Battle LA.mp4

    Battle LA.jpg

    Battle LA_sheet.jpg

    Battle LA.xml

Having each movie in it’s own separate folder will not work.