Sentinel & ShareSpace


  The WD Sentinel is better than ShareSpace OR have the same problems (speed, upgrade problems, DLNA limitation, instability, etc).

If is it better, Why WD not offer a Trade-in to the all “disappointed” ShareSpace customers ? This will compensate all the problems we have until now with Share (worst) Space.

WD, Think about this !

The ShareSpace is a good NAS in my opinion. 

I have owned several WD World Drive and ShareSpace NAS drives and I can tell you that they have been extremely slow compared to some of the competitors out there. However, for the first time in about 3 years, I have been a ble to tweak it to provide at least 12-15 Mbps transfer speeds consistently. I know it does not impress as much as the 30 Mbps you can get from more expensive systems in the US$1,500 range. However, it is a lot better than the 1-5 Mbps I was getting consistently when copying files from  / to it. For the price I paid, bringing the unit up toi 15 Mbps is a life saver. Especially since it would take several weeks to replace the unit if I had tried to copy everything out of it at the older speeds. Now, I feel that I can use the system for more than I had been up to now. I am going to use one of them now for a video server. A couple of others are already set up as backup units and file servers.

The best feeling I got was the feeling that I did not have to pay more $ or copy all that data when I was not happy with the speed. The unit works well after these changes are applied.

If you want to know more about how to get your WD ShareSpace to the 15 Mpbs level, contact me at


PS: I am also working on a 25-30 Mbps config that seems very promising.

My ShareSpace 8TB cost me £800 2 years ago, I built a 12TB Qnap TS-412 for £700 in April this year and it blows the ShareSpace away. I had to have the ShareSpace replaced after a bad firmware upgrade (no recovery possible).

 I lost all my data.  I had a bad firmware update on the Qnap and fixed it and lost no data.

I used to defend the Sharespace but thats because I did not know any difference, compaired to the Qnap the ShareSpace is complete garbage and is about the same price.  Factor in the Qnap does more much faster  about the same price, its a no brainer.

I don’t know anything about the sentinel, but the bar has been set high.