Sentinel questions potential new user

Hi Group  im new here :sunglasses:

  • I want to purchase a new nas device and I like the look and simplicity of the sentinel DX4000 I have read reviews and watched videos and it looks great and simple to use but should I buy this or is the DX4200 worth the extra cost and is it still simple and as good as the DX4000? There are no videos or reviews of the DX4200 as I think it has only been out a couple of months?

looking forward to replies

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I think it depends on if you want client PC backups.  The 4000 has them but the 4200 does not.  Perdsonally I love the desktop backups.  You can recover a desktop completely if a hard  drive fails or malware hits.  as well as individual files and folders. If you get the 4tb (2tb usable) you may also backup the 4000 and take the backup offsite for real disaster recovery.

If you just need a place to put a lot of stuff.  True NAS, the 4200 may be a better choice.  It does not do client backups, but is a solid place to put stuff and it does not have the 2tb back itself up limit.  As well it has a video port which makes it a lot easier to “work on” if ever needed.

Hi Gramps, thank you for your reply.

  • It is heavily referred to as a back-up server device, but I want to use it instead of my server? at the moment I have a small business server I purchased approximately 8 years ago and have had issues with it over the years and whilst I am pretty good with computers it can be a bit confusing with setting up. My network is running slow and I want to set up a new system in a cost effective way but also have easy access to files from anywhere. my main use of the server is for file sharing so I want users to be able to work on files that are stored and the files are a mixture of cad files, graphics files, videos, website development, customer data and a database.
    I will need security to stop access to certain folders and files.
    the key is when people are using the files it foes not sow down the system.

is the sentinel DX4000 or DX4200 able to replace my server and work like this for a small business?

I am also looking at the Qnap or sinology products in the same way and comparing the different systems the choice is going to be based on speed and ease of use

regards Screeep

The 4200 does not have the remote file access built in.  The DX5100 is probably a closer replacement to SBS.  All of these are Windows boxes which give you the most file access control.

A qnap/*nix* box may seem simpler because face it, a free operating sustem does not do as much as windows.  For ease of use it is hard to beat a Pure NAS box like the ones you mention. 

Having used both the DX4000 and Synology Units, for ease of use and file serving, our Synology DS1512+ is hands down way easier to use and fast for serving files. We now have an expansion unit hooked up to it for 24tb of storage. It has some packages that can be run a services and has been reliable for us.

That said, the DX4000 has a full 2008 os under the hood and you can remote into it and install windows porgrams. Our time clock software and some book keeping stuff makes the 4000 a good choice as well as the computer backups. OMG why do they click the links in the email… Pretty simple to restore from backups. Can keep the sales computers on 500mb drives lol. The DX4000 has all the security and user stuff that 2008 has. Synology has some of those features (and they get better every release) but still a ways off from the 2008 server stuff. And if you have a MAC, your milage may vary with the Synology. Our video guy has a MacPro and it hates talking to the Synology. Hates it. Some days good, some days bad, but never can tell why it is one way or the other.

The synology serves files to the win boxes fast. I keep our art files there (3 and 4 gb photoshop files) and i can rip them from the server at 160 to 180 mps to my local ssd (raid zero) most of the time. The synology is set up hybrid raid (SHR) and can loose 1 disk (of 10) and stay up. The synology can also use cheap desktop drives. The DX4000, get ready to spend $200 pluson 2tb drives. And you gotta have at least 1 on stand by. FWIW.