Sentinel NTFS Permissions


I’m planning to purchase the Sentinel DX4000 but I wanted to check if I join the DX4000 to an existing SBS2003 server AD domain will I be able to use existing users and security groups to define NTFS permissions on individual folders and files.  I expect this is possible using the RDP connection, but I need to check as we implement a fine level of permission control  to individuals accessing the same shares.



Yes it has the standard NTFS Permissions stuff.  Has to be done from explorer not the dashboard.  There is though some tweak you have to do to join to SBS 2003.  There is a FAQ or KB somewhere on the WD site for this

Here is the link for SBS 2003,-2003-active-directory-domain-users-can-not-be-seen

Thanks for your help. Looks like we’ll go ahead with the Sentinel.