Sentinel DX4000 Won't power up. Help?

Hey guys, I’ve had my sentinel for about 3 years and has worked. I left for the weekend and came back to the sentinal LCD indicating “network disconnected” with all drives still good based on LCD.

-I tried different ethernet ports and cables and combinations, no luck.

-I opened up case to see ethernet area burned out or something. No evidence.

-I powered off the device and took out a drive out of curiosity and then placed it back in. Turned on the sentinel and now pressing power button tells me the other 3 drives that i left in place are red “drive fault” status.

-Now device fan won’t even power on.

-I’ve removed all drives and same result. Only 3 of 4 lights red. No fan, no power except red lights. **bleep**?

Device will no longer startup at all. Period. Removed BIOS battery to reset things. No change.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Does sound like it is broke :(  Did you have a storm?  Any other problems on the network?

Only thing that comes to mind is get a voltmeter on the power adapter.  I suppose you could also disengage all the drives and see if it will power on, fan/lcd.  Never hurts to get a can of air and blow things out.