Sentinel DX4000, Storage OK - - - Now what?

I’ve been setting up this DX4000 for a week and a half and I’m at my wits end. Moving forward daily with another roadblock every day.

I’ve called the WD Support Level 2 about 6 x,

So here I am after 2 restores of a new DX4000 and setting up 15 computers last night after the first restore.

Today I’m at “Storage OK” on the LCD. I assume I have a new IP Address but it’s not displayed. And I’ll have re-administer/set up each office work station.

I’m not an IT guy, I’m an architectural technologist  I don’t speak or understand very much IT language, so appreciate explanations at a grade 3 level. (haha).

I’m doing restores because: 1. I opened one of the server bays while it was running, that’s when I got the STARTUP FAILED: 0 x D9 message.

Tech support told me to restore it. It was brand new with nothing on it. That was a week ago Monday. I’ve made progress daily, but looking to actually use it ASAP, naturally.

After LED messages of BACKUP FAILED, and LOW STORAGE CAPACITY tech support guy #6, [deleted] took over my computer reinstalled the IOS to the same flash drive and told me to restore it again, and I’ll be golden. Apparently the backups I tried were trying to store on the same partition as the OS.

So as it took several minutes to do a another recovery, I let him go, and none of the on-screen prompts he ensured me would show up appeared.

Anyway, STORAGE OK has been on ever since, I pulled out the flash drive, and I’m not looking forward to Tech support call #7.

Old IP Address does not work. No IP address on LED. Will I need to uninstall the Dashboard and Launchpads from all computers including my Admin computer?

Thanks very much for your assistance.

again, I think you have simply completed the second step.  recreate storage.  You now need to boot from the thumb drive created in step 3, recover my server.

Look at the thumb drive you just removed.  If it is less than say 1gb it is step 2.  Step 3 will be I dunno 5gb or so.

as well if it is step 2 thumb look (I Think) in a wd folder for a log file.  at the end it should describe your raid.  four happy drives in raid 5 or two happy drives in raid 1.  I don;t know how many drives you have.

If you just did step 2, you need to do step 3.  but if you were backing up to an internal drive the log file may not be happy

and yes, since you will have a *new* server after you restore there will be no users or computers in the dashboard.  SO while it is recovering, you can go around to all the PC’s and uninstall the connector :slight_smile:

What backups are you trying to restore?

just spent 1/2 hour replying and the message got deleted.

I’m done.

Thanks for your effort

yea, I have done that before.  When it happened to me, I said self, wish you had selected and copied all that text first.

Who wudda thunk eh?