Sentinel DX4000 firmware

I have a Sentinel DX4000 that needs to be nuked and reloaded. Sadly, I no longer have my backup file with the firmware and our fiends at WD no longer have the files on their web site. WD tech support gave me this link:
but it does not work. It comes back with “User not authorized. (400057)”
Calls and emails to tech support are useless.
Anyone have any ideas?

Hi there,

Have you tried different Browsers to see if the same message appears? Please check your private messages we have passed this along to support.

I have tried using Firefox 42, IE 11.0.10240.16590, and the current Chrome. Microsoft Edge comes back with the message that the browser is not supported.

If by private messages you mean the email address I used to contact this forum, I have not yet hear from support.

I get the same error
Did you ever get the file?