Sensitive data e product warranty.

I have two faulty internal HD WD Blue 4 Tb in their warranty period. I would like to have them replaced but they contains very sensitive data, regarding mi sister’s ( a psychoanalyst ), patients. I’m afraid of the possibility, for skilled specialist, to read them. Is it possible send back the hd’s enclosures with plates removed ? Otherwise, what do you suggest ?

Of course, I’m well aware of the honesty and professionalism of your personal and I have no doubt about that. but still doctor-patient confidentiality is an absolute must. Data recovery is not required because backup copies ara available.

Thanks a lot for your attention !

There is FREE software available that will WIPE your hard drives if they will still spin up. WD’s own Data Life guard software will do it as well. See HERE under the ERASE section of the instructions.

Thanks for your reply.Unfortunately, I don’t think that software will help: my hard disk can’t even be seen …