Sending large files over wan

I got a 4tb cloud last week so am fairly new to this device.  A friend is sending me a 5 GB ISO file.  After several hours it seemed to have finished, we only see 8.24KB file.  Any ideas what seems to be  the issue ?

I saw in an amazon review that the file size is limited to 2GB due to a windows issue ?  Is this true ?  I think I know windows quite well and dont know any such limit.  Also, I have transfered within the intranet files upto 4GB.

On another note, I am having trouble with mapping network drives.  How should I enter the user name ?  WORKGROUP<usrname>, both didnt work.


How did you friend “send” you the bigger file? Because the WD Desktop app uses the webdav protocol, there might be a size limitation. A workaround would be to open the ftp option, forward the right ports from your router, and have your friend use FTP, but some FTP implementations have also some size limits, and I have never tried it on this NAS.

For the network shares, your credentials should be the ones of set up on the NAS.



It is easy to enter them in this format by storing the credentials for the NAS in the Windows Credentials Manager under the User Account and Family Safety control panel, otherwise Windows will add a domain before the Username that doesn’t help.

I just tested with an almost 4GB file with the wdmycloud app and it went fine

I have had issues with large files and mapping drives with the site

This is right, there is no inherent file size limit with Webdav as a protocol, but implementations can introduce one. If the client is the browser, there is a limitation implemented in Windows 7 and +. I don’t know for sure there is one implemented in the WD MyCloud Desktop.