Sending back my mycloud?!

I posted here the other day saying that all my time machine backups disappeared, Time machine would not recognize them and initiated a new backup to rewrite everything. i cancelled it. My feedback here is that Mycloud works very poorly with timemachine and constantly has to start over. I have now lost 6 weeks of backups. 

Yes, I RESET the drive. No that didn’t work. All thi happened after the firmware “Upgrade.”

I have not had a single response to my post from WD. Fortunately, the place I bought it agreed to take it back for a store credit. 

Before I return it:

(1) Does anyone from WD care enough to contact me and help?

(2) Does anyone here have this unit working reliably? Anyone?

Thank you…

Lonny wrote:

(2) Does anyone here have this unit working reliably? Anyone?

Yes, I’m not having any issues with mine…  But I don’t use a Mac either (not saying that’s the problem, but I just don’t have any background on Mac.)

This is a peer group and someone might be able to help if they’ve had similar issues. 

Have you tried Customer Support

  1. Yes I have mine working perfectly on rolled back firmware. Three users, nine shares, connected USB drive for my Safepoint. SSH access, FTP access to two users. My Cloud software access to 2 W7 PCs, an Android tablet and a BlackBerry Phone. Smartware backup running invisibly on two PCs with little performance impact.  I have a media library of 15,000 tracks, and some videos, all accessible from my sound system via a WD TV Live SMP, plus 20,000 photos which stream direct to my Sony TV.

Everything works as it should,although I admit it took a lot of patience. I’m one happy bunny and I’m sure there are many others like me out there :-) 

Mine has (is) working fine though do not use a mac to connect to it.

mine works fine with time machine and my mac book pro. though i’ve downgraded from v4 and won’t be upgrading back

Like I said on your other post, if you are using WiFi and TimeMachine you will have issues, its not the MyCloud, if you are wired then it might be.

TimeMachine and WiFi don’t play well over the long run.

I have never (regardless of mycloud FW or any other drive) had a timemachine backup work for longer then 3 weeks when used over wifi.