Send a file to someone from MyCloud, asks them to login?

I finally figured out how to send a file from MyCloud to someone outside of my network – mostly.

The recipient receives an email with subject line:  You’re Invited to View Shared Media

In the body of the email, there is a filename, followed by a LONG link.

Looks good.

But whey they click on the link, they are asked to log in with a username and password.


i have not tested this yet. but

in the manual it says they have to have a mycloud account. now since i havent tested it makes me unsure if there are refering to a user on the mycloud device OR the mycloud website or maybe both  ill try to look it up if noone responds

That would be VERY disappointing, if true.

I simply want the dropbox type-functionality of sending a link to any file on my MyCloud to a random individual who has no account/share/special software on their computer.

If I can’t do this, I can’t drop Dropbox from my life.

If it helps, this is the sort of link that is sent to the recipient of the email…

2012-06-23 09.38.28.jpg:

sorry i still havent looked. I was in an accident and cant get out of my chair hardly.  i figured someone would respond by now. i agree its a very long around the block method. to share files.  just thinking about it though did you place the file in the public dir? i know someone here has shared files to others and knows the answer. 

on a side notei am not sure i would want someone to not have a user/pass.  if someone can get that deep into my network and nas without a pass it may not be good.

why not create a generic account for “public” sharing. just give who ever that account info and tell them to go dl the file

I do not want to give a diverse group of people access to a common directory.

I simply want to send file “X” to person “Y” by email link.

The documentation suggests this is a feature of MyCloud.

The MyCloud software purports to do this, similar to the way Dropbox lets me send 1 file to 1 person.

And then, this login nonsense.

I can’t believe there isn’t a way to do this…

Staring at the link, it contains the one filename, so why can’t login info not be required for the access?