SELL WDTV Live right NOW!

For me is clear, I will sell my WDTV Live and buy a POPBOX in March.

I can’t use WD anymore, it ■■■■■.

My reasons:

  1. I bought it because of all the promised internet partners WD would put there.

Hulu and Pandora is only US, live 365 you have to pay (or else the radios are no good) and now YouTube is not working.

  1. Sending a file via Ethernet it takes hours (in the beginning minutes) Why? Why?

  2. A firmware upgrade that killed lots of machines on Xmas time.

  3. User interface could be so nice and it’s a shame. Just look the nice UI from homebrew apps out there.

One advice: You shouldn’t have problems in copying what others are doing best.

Good buy WD, you had the chance to launch something good and steal some Popcorn market and you blow it.

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I believe everyone is being too hard on  WD and too impatient.

Remember that this has been the time of year that many manufacturers shut down for the holidays, or at least give quite a few of their staff vacation for the holidyas.

Also, the Consumer Electronics show opens tomorrow and many device manufacturers like WD are gearing up to display their new products.

I would guess that possibly next week we should see something new in the way of firmware.

Patience IS a virtue. :slight_smile:

However, I am disappointed that WD doesn’t seem to have a presence here in their own forums. I have a WD live, a Mini and a P. Box Office. The other company has an active presence in both their own forum and on AVS. I have to think that maybe WD is not taking this market as seriously as others. I would love for them to prove me wrong.

Yeh, I am with you on this stevej…

Even over at AVS, the two guys from WD used to post there unofficially, stopped altogether after the firmware debacle…