Selectively hide network shares, e.g. stop Video folders from appearing under Photo section

All my content is on a NAS box. Is there anyway I can stop certain folders from appearing in given media modes (Video, Music, Photo)

e.g. I’d just like my Photo folder to appear when in Photo mode, not folders containing music and video content.

I could set-up multiple users on my NAS box, one for Photo folders, one for Video and then one for Music. However I’m pretty sure I can’t specify a different User\Password for each of the media modes (Video, Music, Photo).

Perhaps there is some other way to achieve this?

I haven’t found anyway to do it, I searched alot early on but I eventually gave up.

I did however put the idea up in the Ideas area and it’s actually made its way into the review stage.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve only had the WDTV Live for a few days - will have to check out the ideas area.

I love this device but alrady have several small changes that I think would make it much easier to use (the way I use it anyway, which is with all my media on a NAS box)

For example, I can view Photos and Music while in Video mode, so I see no reason to jump back to Home abd select a different media type, as I then have to browse all the way back through to the NAS shares again.

I’d love it if I could just stay on the NAS shares all the time, so that when I come back from standby it remembers where I was, or perhaps I could add the my “NAS” to the home screen. Then at least I just click down to NAS and I’m there