Selective Web Access

Hi All, I’m new to this so please bear with me.

I have a My Book Live 2TB edition which is working really well, however I am a bit stumped.

I am trying to add images and product info a specific folder on the MBL and then give a group of people access to this folder via a user name and password on the WD2go web access, but prevent them having access to all of my other folders, family photos music ect

Steps tried so far.

Set up a new user and share (public)

Set up a new account in web access list, when loged in I can still see all of my personal files, so I tried setting the personal files to private which mean’t that I couldn’t see them via the web access, perfect or so I thought until I tried to access my files via my Mapped drive. I was then asked for a username and password when there have been none set and I can’t access the files until I make my files public again.

Is there any way I can set up a specific web access with  only access to this one file.

Any thoughts an dsuggestion really greatfully recieved.



I can’t help you with exactly what you’re asking, but have you considered the possibility of using something like Dropbox or Sugarsync for sharing of specific files and folders? It works, and it’s super easy to use. Just right click the folder/file and choose to share it with someone or make it public.

The only way to restrict them is to create two different users with two different access capabilities: Local and Remote, for instance. You’ll still need to access the shares with a username/password when you are local (SMB requires authentication credentials), but you could use the same username/password for all local shares. Since SMB only allows you to login with one set of credentials, you would need to setup your Mapped Drives to login with the username/password you’ve set up for your local users (choose the “Connect using different credentials” option when setting up the mapped network drive).

Hi Laura, thanks for your reply

Following your instructions I have set up a new user for web access and tried to set up the rest of the shares as Private so they can only be access by family, however I keep being asked for a username and password when trying to map the drive but it wont except the username and passwork I entered when creating the share, any thoughts.