Selective sharing?

Hi all,

I have a Netgear NAS I currently use to share media, and a WD TV Live in my loungeroom attached to the TV to play it on. I am upgrading the loungeroom to a WD TV Live Streaming, and am going to move the Live to my daughters play room so I can play her movies in there (currently use another player with USB sticks which is a pain in the bum). The player will be connected to the main network by EoP.

My question is can I restrict the Live to see only the Childrens Movies folder, as I obviously don’t want her having access to my entire media collection.

Any input/insight appreciated :slight_smile:

In a specific way, yes.  You’ll need to move the content to specific SHARES on your NAS.

Assign specific User IDs and passwords to control the media.

For example, create two users “KIDS” (with a password) and “ADULTS” (with a password.)

Allow the KIDS account to access the share containing the Kids’ media, but do not allow that account to access the share containing the adult’s material.

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