Selective back up (files and frequency)?

Hi all,

I didn’t see options to selectively back up my hard drive when I installed My Passport the first time… nor a place to select how often I’d like automatic backups to be performed.  This thing is backing up my entire system every hour… overkill! :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to a) schedule automatic backups to take place once per week or less and b) choose which files I want backed up. Searches for help with this have turned up nothing, and the user manual is of no use (which makes me wonder if I’m wanting the product to do something it isn’t designed to do… but these seem like such basic functions, that seems impossible!). 

Any advice - or links to helpful threads - will be much appreciated!



Unfortunately, the backup software is a continuous backup softwre.  It won’t allow you to do scheduled backups.  It runs all the time.  You will need to use another software for scheduling backups.