Selecting whether a file saved goes into the RAID1 section of EX2 or unprotected portion

I am a newbie at these devices and as I thought about using it I did not feel that all files deserved full RAID1 protection, but I wanted them to be accessable through the cloud from several different machines.  Therefore I attempted to create a RAID1 partition and a normal partition.  However, when I then use the EX2 locally or remotely I only see one “drive”.  Therefore I have no idea where the data is being stored.  Any suggestions?  Should I simply go back and reconfigure entire system as RAID1 and quit trying to be cute?  I think that looses all data on the drive so want to do it before I put too much up there.

I am using Windows 8.1 on most of the machines, Mobile phones are Android and Windows Phone, and there exists a IPAD for traveling use to back up photos from camera.


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RAID 1 automatically mirrors the entire storage data volume; it does not allow you to select if you want to mirror a file or not.

Thanks for the input.  But that was the easy part.  If one has created two sections during initialization of the drive, one being RAID1 and one being non-raid, are they distinguishable?  Can I control which section a particular file gets placed in?  At this point I can not find any record of more than one section, nor can I distinguish whether the section I do see is the RAID one or the other?

You can not set two different RAID modes with the WD My Cloud EX2. If it is set as RAID 1, the entire EX2 is RAID 1, not just a part of it. If you can see 2 storage volumes when the unit is set as JBOD, not RAID 1.

JBOD allows for both volumes to work independently, but there’s no redundancy anywhere in this mode unless the files are manually copied to both storage volumes.