Selecting folders i wish to back up


i am trying to determine where in the software i can speficy which files and folders i would like to back up.  I am not able to find such an option as it seems there are only categories that i can choose to back up or not.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Thanks much

 purchased the My Password Essential today and I would also like to back up specific folders and not categories.

I’m guessing based on the lack of response that this is not possible with the software?

I am wondering then if this drive can simply be used as a USB drive with Microsoft Backup/Restore as the software to perform regular backups. 

I notice that after the drive is installed, there appears two drives under ‘Computer’…one labeled ‘My Passport’ and one labeled 'CD Drive (E:) SmartWare UDF".  Why is the latter needed?

Took my drive back to PCWorld yesterday. I want to tell the drive what to do not vice versa.

I also prefer to select the folders / files to backup rather than only choosing the category to backup.

Hopefully WD will change the way for backup in the latest software update.