Selecting backup drive

I am trying to baackup to MBLD, but it seems like Smarware is backing up to the drive I have attached to it.  I try to change the backup drive by clicking on Shareware on the dropdown menu under the MBLD icon, but when I click on it it the Shareware does not stay highlighted and it goes back to my attached drive. 

Does anyone have any idea of what I might do diffferently.

From the smartware home page, you should be able to select the folder in the MBLD that you would like to use to backup your files, it should be right below the MBLD icon. If you don’t have it check if you have the latest smartware version.  

I have the exact same problem here. I had SmartWare (yes, latest version, just checked) backing up fine to the NAS. I then connected a USB drive tho MLBD to have a backup solution there, as well (I have files that live only on the NAS).

From that point on, SmartWare insisted on backing up to the attached USB drive. I can select in the combo box all my shares on the MLBD, but after clicking, it reverts to the first entry, which is my USB drive (the only share I am not fine with).

I am sorry to hear that you too are having this problem.  Also, thank you for letting me know that I am not going nuts.  Sometimes I post things in this forum and do not get a response and conclude that it may be me. 

I did somewhat resolve the problem by disconnecting the USB drive.   Since then, Smarware lets me to backup to the NAS Public Folder. 

I have not tried reconnecting the USB drrive yet.  I am hoping that it does not revert back to saving to it. 

Also, I dont know that I want to have the backup it appeared to save on the USB drive.  Given the somewhat cryptic file manager used in Smarware, I am really not sure as to what gets saved to what.   It sure would be great if there was something like Windows File Explorer in WD Smartware so you can just see a list of directories and files with file dates and sizes so you dont have to do this backdoor through the recovery option (which tends to involve extra steps, is slower and is not entirely clear).  What could be so hard to introduce something like this into the Smartware?

Finally the only directory Smartware allows me to backup to now is the Public folder on the MBLD (it bounces out of the others after being clicked and highlighted for a second).  I would have liked it to back up to a different drive, but so be it.    I am just concerned now that whatever is in the Public Folder is indeed “mirrored” on boht drives in my MBLD using RAID.  I believe this to be true, but want to be absolutely, 100% sure.  Do you or anyone lese know that this is inded fact???  I do not want to get caught red-handed with an assumption of the way I think things are supposed to work when there is so much at stake when assuming backup of my most important data.