Selecting a user to backup files

I have the MyCloud system in a home network. I have a desktop system and two laptops in the system. On the desktop system everything works fine, there is a single user on this system. On one of the laptops there is also a single user and this works fine. The problem is with the second laptop which has two users. If I select one user and do that backup this works fine. When I try and add the second user to the backup list it will not let me.
Any thoughts.

What backup program are you using on the laptop with two users? Smartware or some other program?

I am using WD Smartware Pro ver on the laptop

Are you trying to backup a different user account on the computer using Smartware?

What happens if you log in to that computer as that user and run Smartware and backup that user all by itself?

Could be a limitation of the Smartware program in not allowing a user to backup files they don’t have access to (other user account files). Certain third party backup programs (Acronis True Image, Easeus Todo Backup, Macrium Reflect, etc.) may not have such a limitation as they can backup the entire hard drive rather than be limited to backing up specific user files.

Yes I am trying to backup a different user on the same laptop We will call this user1.It is preventing me from backing up that use1. I can not put a check mark in that user1 box. The second user on that laptop is user2. I can put a check in user2’s box. I have tried call combinations. Log as user1 alone no luck, log in only user2 no problem , tried logging in user2 and selected user2,s box ok could not select user1box no luck.