Selected network SSID keeps changing

Here is an explanation of what is going on when I try to connect to my network wirelessly:

1.“Select an Available Network”

    -My Network

    -Other Network

    -Other Network 2

    -Other Network 3


*I select my network.*

  1. “Please enter the network password”

*I enter my network passcode.*

  1. “Network Setup”

Wireless Network -  Other Network




Automatic         Manual

Note that here the Wireless network it is displaying is NOT the one I chose in step one. In fact, it isn’t always the same one. Sometimes it will be “Other Network 3”, or any number of the other neighbors or even just an empty space.

Selecting automatic doesn’t work, which is no surprise considering my password wouldn’t work for the wrong network.

This same thing will happen if I manually enter my network’s name. When I get to the “Network Setup” step it will always have another network there that I did not choose.

My router is running:

802.11 Mode  Mixed 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b 

Channel Width:  Auto 20/40mhz

Security: WPA-Personal, WPA2 Only (AES)


My WD Live is running latest firmware as of yesterday (obtained using a wired connection).

Hmmm, now you changed forums.  Please go back to the original one, because the entire msg threads are there, and we can continue there…  I really don’t care that you were in the wrong forum – I just wanted to know what player you have!  So, I take it you have the new “SMP”  streaming media player.  See you in the other forum – I will reply to you there.