Seeking Backup configuration Assistance - Expand Default Search Locations for Smartware

Background information:

My Passport Essential 500GB, Smartware v1.62

64 bit Win7 Home Premium

  1. Is there a way to add a specific folder/file location to the default backup option of Smartware; scanning for known file types?

  2. Can I obtain a list of all default locations that Smartware scans when searching for files and folders to backup?

3.  Put another way, can I tailor the known file types deafult backup option to look more places for files?

Default backup settings were used to setup My Passport; backup known file types in default locations.  I use an other-than-default folder/file location for my PST files.  As a result, WD Smartware does not find them during searches and fails to back them up. For reasons not germane to this post, using the default C:\users…\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ is not an option.

I need a solution that allows me to add another location to the default Smartware scan.  I want to include C:\users…\Local\Folder*\Folder*\ as one of the default locations that WD Smartware includes when scanning for known file types.

If it isn’t possible to modify the automatic settings then I want to configure ‘File Backup’ to do exactly what the automatic settings to but with the addition of backing up known file types I have stored in C:\users…\Local\Folder*\Folder*.

Thank you in advance for your help.

1-Yes, look for the file backup option.

2-You can explore the backup folder named smartware.swstor inside the passport and see the backup.

3-See number 1 and the link below for the steps.