Seeing what I've back up

I was at capacity on my 1st external hard drive, so I bought another larger one. I believe I back up everything successfully. Now I need to know what’s on the new one. It doesn’t work like the 1st one (not as easy). How do I see what I backed up?

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To see the backup on the drive… Just access the drive Start > Computer > My passport or My Book. You will see a folder by the name of WD Smartware.swstor double click it and you’ll see the backup.-

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I am unable to see a folder by the name of WD Smartware.swstor on my My Book Live.  I can see other folders that I created.

I noticed that under Permissions for My Book Live Everyone  only has Special Permissions.  Would it help to change permissions to Full Control?



On the My book live that folder is hidden, and at this time there’s no way to get it, in your case you must do a retrieve using the software.-