Seeing the MyBook Live as a Drive

I recently purchased a WD MyBook Live 2TB NAS. I set it up through my Mac, and I am able to access the NAS from the Finder and drag and drop files to it. I have it set up as Public with no PW protection and I would now like to be able to access the NAS as a drive from my other computers, (an Acer netbook and my daughter’s Dell laptop.)

While I can “see” the MyBook Live NAS from each of those computers, when I click on it in My Network Places, it takes me to the web page and lets me log in. What I really want to do, is just see the NAS show up in the Control Panel on those other computers as a drive that I can just drag files to and access files from.

Sorry for what seems like a very basic question, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

TIA (Thanx in advance)

You’ll probably want the “Map” it as a drive letter.

At the top menu, there’s “Map Network Drive.”

Then you can do all you want with it.  (But it won’t show up in the Control Panel;   but it will show up in the “My Computer” window.)

Thanx for the suggestion,  but when I look at My Computer (on my Acer Netbook running XP) I don’t see any reference to the MyBook NAS. I also am not able to Map the network drive because I can’t locate it.

You should be able to put [\MyBookLive](file://mybooklive/) in the address bar in Windows Explorer and it will show you the shares on the drive.

(Unless you’ve renamed the drive, then it’s \)

What happens when you try that?

On the Windows computers, you may need to install a driver for the NAS; my wife’s Vista laptop wouldn’t connect until I attempted to auto-find a driver.  That didn’t work but, later, Windows Auto Update suggested one for me.  

However, you should also be able to make it visible by using the supplied CD software (or downloading the latest from the website).  

That’s how I initially got it working on my main Vista PC; installed the software from the CD, including SmartWare.  

I then mapped the drive for faster access.