Seeing Neighbour's Photos on our WDTV Live!?

Hi - recently we’ve started seeing random photos appearing on our home WDTV live, sometimes coming up whilst watching a movie.   I believe the source may be a neighbour’s iphone which connects to our wifi sometimes.   We don’t want to view other people’s boring family snaps, how can I stop this please?  

WDTV Live on wired LAN.  Draytek 2800 router will assign DHCP addresses, but is set to “Bind IP to MAC” which denies internet access to unauthorised devices. 


Don’t let your neighbors connect to your wifi!!  :smileyvery-happy:

The WDTV uses DLNA to do those functions, and DLNA has next to no security,  DLNA has inherent “trust” between the controller (the iPhone) and the renderer (the WDTV.)