Seeing media information in other programs

Since moving all of my songs to the cloud drive, I can now only see roughly half of my song information in my programs (windows music, music bee). I rescaned the library several times but still do not see this info. The songs come up with zero tagging. How can I resolve this issue?

What programs were you using to view the music when it was stored on your hard drive?

Twonky can sometimes not display metadata tags properly due to the program that initially tagged the file (like iTunes for example) and possibly even the type of media file. Often the tagging program will use non standard tags that Twonky won’t read or display to DLNA clients.

One can use free programs like MediaMonkey and or MP3Tag to edit or add metadata tags to media files.

What format is your music stored in?

How are you accessing your media: file server or media server?

You might get some hints here:

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I used mp3tag and media monkey to tag all of my music, both versions of the id3 tags. The majority is in mp3 with a few thousand in FLAC. I have always used musicbee to play music. Thanks for the faq,I’ll check it out.
CPT, my other issues have been corrected as well kind of by itself honestly. Access to a private shares now work as desired. Thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it.

You know, I ended up just rebuilding the database and now everything is showing up correctly. Thanks for the faq. I figured some corruption was at play on the server.