Seeing Double

I have created some mp4 files (from .ts files) and these are in the Public->Videos->uploaded folder.

When I look at them as files, I see 11

When I look at them as media files, I see 18. i.e some show up twice ?

Any ideas ?

Other strange factoid.

The files ‘appear’ to be the correct length but one of them cuts off after about 1hr30min and the other cuts in there BUT the second file is out of sync.

I am connected to a Sony Bravia TV

Why is this happening ?


Try to rescan de media library to remove duplicate files. Have you tried to play the files from another location to see you encounter the same issue?

So, Looking from my PC, My Tablet AND My Linux PC, I see individual files that I can play.

When I look via the Twonky interface on the WD mycloud, it reports duplicates.

When I look at the ‘folder’ served by Twonky onto my TV, I see duplicates.

Interestingly, I created a new file on Wednesday night and put it into the Shared folder. When I looked via Twonky and the TV, I saw one file. A day later, there is a copy of that file.

Even more spooky, one file plays perfectly and the other one doesn’t. Seems to me, one is a link to a link…

I have tried setting disableduplicateremoval to 0 since it appears to be defaulted to 1 but I guess I have to do a re-build for it to work since it hadn’t cleared out duplicates last night