Seeing Double Pictures in WD Photos

I saw a post about clearing the cache (iPhone & iPad), which I did without the problem being fixed. There is one Photo folder with sub folders (>16k pictures) with this problem. Folders created before and after the problem folder appear normally. Direct access to the folder on the drive shows one picture. Any other suggestions for fixing double pictures in the  problem folder? Is there a picure limit in a folder or the (2TB) drive?

Log in to the device that’s serving the photos and rebuild the database.

Thanks for the tip. How do I rebuild the database?

Which WD device do you have?

MyBookLive 2TB Studio Edition. PART# WDBACG0020HCH-00

Not sure where “Studio Edition” came from;  I think you just have an ordinary My Book Live.

To rebuild the DB, login to the Web UI and navigate to…


Remote Access


click “Rebuild” next to WD 2go server.

Disregard the name “WD 2go…” it’s actually rebuilding the WD Photos DB.

That’s great. I’ll try it. Thanks again.