Seeing available space for 4TB My Cloud on mac?

Hello all,

I have a 4tb My Book cloud. It works fine. The only thing is i can’t seem to find where to see my amount of space left on the drive? I use the WD My Cloud app on my iMac (now running the newest OS) but i have never been able to see where this available space can be found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t think the mobile app shows the amount of storage. At least I cannot find it on the Android version of the My Cloud app. But one could use a web browser to access their My Cloud (assuming remote access is enabled on that My Cloud) via the web portal. The portal will show the amount of storage used/free. Here is an example:


Or one, if they are on the same local network as their My Cloud, access the My Cloud Dashboard with their web browser to see the capacity usage.

Feel free to suggest WD update the app to include capacity/free space.

It was the desktop app. But yes logging in through the browser worked. Thank you very much!