Seeing 2 icons in menu bar for Drive Manager

I just installed the latest drive manager and for some reason I now get two icons in the menu bar - both bring up th enew version. How do I remove one of these?

If you have a windows computer, go to the control panel, click on add or remove programs and then select the drive manager If you have a Mac, go to the application folder and just delete the drive manager folder.

I have the same thing going on with my iMAC after installing the update.  There is no wd drive manager folder in my applications.  After un-installing, re-installing, and restarting the computer I have had no luck.  Both versions of the two wd drive manager icons are the latest versions.

I still have the issue with the 2 icons in the menu bar. Has anyone successfully fixed this issue?

i have the same problem still, and am using the latest version 3.01. any ideas on how to fix?

Having tried several “unistall” and “re-install” there are still 2 Icons in the Menu bar.

And there are also two Processes “WD Drive Manager Status Menu” running.
Killing one of them does help, but it does re-appear after disconnecting and reconnection the drive …

OK, so I solved my own issue.

For those who still have this issue, here is what I did to fix it.

I opened Activity Monitor and there were two processes labelled WD Drive Manager Status Menu. Quite them both.

Go to the boot drive and go Library/Application Support/WesternDigital

when I looked in this directory there were a number of files, and another directory labelled WDDriveManager.

I deleted them all and re-installed as I wasn’t sure which were the right files. This worked!

Once re-installed, I had the WDDriveManager folder, but no other files in here. Therefore, deleting everying in the WesternDigital directory except for WDDriveManager may work.

Hope this helps others with this issue.