Seeding remote backup locally then moving off site - what happens to backup job?


I have an EX4 and an EX2. The EX4 is my primary and the EX2 is setup as a backup. Currently I have setup a backup job to seed about 1.5TB of data to the EX2. Everything works great on local network.

I’m going to move the EX2 offsite and when I do so, do I have to redo the backup job or will it still find the device and prior backed up data? I have setup the backup job by using the MyCloud login. I certainly don’t want to transfer all of that data again. I’m fine if I have to make a new job and then point to the same folder with the data copied over before.

Will this work or am I screwed and need to transfer a rediculous amount of data over a slow internet connection?



Hi there,

How did you setup the remote backup job? If the backup was made with a local ip address i believe you would have to create the backup job again with the WDmycloud account, lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

ArMak, I created the job with the WD MyCloud login, but then it puts in the local IP address. That’s why I’m worried I’ll need to delete the job and recreate it putting in the IP address of the remote location (the  internet facing side).

Even if I have to do that, I’m wondering if it will “reuse” the data that’s already copied over.

I’m very interested in this topic. Does anyone have any experience with this? This largely will determine if the MyCloud products are right for me or if I need to look at something else.

ik632, were you able to try this?