SED(Self-Encrypting Drive) does not auto lock after power cycle

*** Disk model is “HGST HUC101818CS4201 B3F0”
*** Operating System is “Linux”

Since no HGST official tool can be downloaded, we downloaded “Drive-Trust-Alliance/sedutil” to operate the 1.8TB SED disk. We encountered a few issues with the sedutil tool and the SED disk:

  1. Usually HGST SED supports maximum locking range is 5(0~5). This HUC101818CS4201 reports maximum locking range is 6(0~6). There is no problem to configure/set range 0~5, but range 6 always returns invalid parameter error.
  2. The expected behavior of SED is once READ/WRITE lock are enabled, the SED should automatically lock itself after power cycle. This HUC101818CS4201 doesn’t do so. (We have tested “HGST HUC101812CSS201 BDB0” 1.2TB drive and it does NOT have the same issue.)
  • Does HGST have the official SED tool can be used?
  • Does HGST have technical spec. of SED for operation reference?
  • We have both “HGST HUC101812CSS201 BDB0” 1.2TB and “HGST HUC101818CS4201 B3F0” 1.8TB SED disks. 1.2 TB works as expected, but not 1.8TB. Is there a new firmware version for 1.8TB drive?

Thank you.

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Sorry for the invalid “not auto lock” issue report. “HGST HUC101818CS4201 B3F0” does automatically lock after power cycle. However the maxranges issue (6 instead of 5) is still confirmed.