Security Settings Not Doing Anything

I just received my EX2 today and upgraded to the latest firmware… it doesn’t seem like the security settings are doing anything at all.

I’ve configured a share, turned off ‘public’ and DENIED access to all of my user accounts. I’ve also turned off Cloud Access completely… but I can browse to this share on my windows machine, and create/edit/delete files to my hearts content. Does it simply take a while for the settings to take? Do I have to restart it (will be realllllly annoying if I have to do that every time I change something).

This doesn’t seem like the intended behavior - am I missing something?

Update: Restarting the device DID make the settings take, but I don’t like that at all… that’s not normal, right?


Welcome to the WD Community.

Resetting the unit is recommended after a firmware update as this will clear any information from the previews firmware and will properly take the new information.

Thanks. I had already rebooted after the firmware update.

Doesn’t matter anymore because I’m returning this NAS. Some really dumb
‘features’ made me furious (undeletable public share? Passwords can’t be
secure? What year is it?), so I bought a synology enclosure instead.

I didn’t realise when I bought it that this was geared at the nontechnical
user. I’d rather have full control of my device, thanks.

Lesson learned, let WD stick to making hard drives.