Security settings disabled BUT still says its locked on other computers!


SO i followed the advice on the site and i downloaded the new software updates. Great.

This allowed me to disable the VCD. Great.

I could not use my drive on the campus computers because the password software was not allowed to load on their systems. Fair enough.

Anyway, so now i can plug in my Passport to any computer. Great.

YET…i can’t add any files to the drive because it says it’s ‘locked’ and in ‘read only mode’??? BUT WHY? This is NOT why i have this drive! I need to use it desperately.

Hi dude!!

What Operating System do you run and what model is the Passport (Elite, Essential, Studio, etc.)?

More details will come in handy!

It’s a passport essential.

Right now running on  my PC lenovo

On campus using Macs and PCs interchangeably…but i would just like to hook up and transfer my large files to and from machines.

What other details do you need?

That’s the problem!!!

The Passport Essential comes factory NTFS, which is read-only on Macs since it is a Windows format, that is the reason it works fine on your PC.

In order to use it on a Mac, you need to format it to HFS+ or FAT32. If you format it FAT32 it will work on the 2 systems but won’t take files larger than 4GB and won’t do automatic backupd, if you format it as HFS+ it will give you no restrictions on Macs, but it will no longer work with PCs…

Commercial NTFS driver for OS X Tuxera NTFS for Mac 33.65 USD Open Source NTFS driver for OS X Tuxera NTFS-3G Free In my experience, the commercial driver is much faster, and more reliable, than the free driver.