Security of my cloud storage

I with like to know what information does the analysis collect in regards to my cloud storage, I am very private when it comes to my family and when we store all our personal info { photos, video , personal files and etc }
Most of it is done to our cloud mirror gen 2.

Recently one of my work colleagues was talking about, how cloud storage companies go through the personal and private information of of everyone who has accounts with them, and how it gets on to the net.

So I went on to the my cloud app and checked the settings,
To find analytics turn on and how it will periodically send information back to western digital.

What information is been sent this analysis report

goodness only knows what analytics is sent.
Even if you have analytics switched off.

My approach? The router I use for my NAS units is NOT connected to the internet. But I have tin-foil-hat tendencies.

Perhaps a more practical approach -if you can do without web/phone apps- is to

  • turn off cloud services on the NAS
  • BLOCK internet access to the NAS from the router. (This is done from the router configuration dashboards - - > most routers have this capability to do this easily)