Security My Passport

Hi Is there not a secure option to lock the My Passport HD like you can with a San disk memory stick by installing a vault on the memory stick that prevents unauthorised access if the memory stick is lost or stolen?
Installing a security option on a computer isn’t much use if the portable my passport HD gets lost or stolen.

@GT60, Please install the WD Security application, It allows password protection and hardware encryption to protect the drive from unauthorized use or access.

Please refer to this link to assist you further:

Note: The WD Security software uses the set password to electronically lock and unlock the drive. If you forget your password you will lose access to your data, The drive will need to be erased before it can be used again.


Make your drive password protected using a WD security application or any other applications like Bitlocker.

Odd. I cannot use Bitlocker on this drive. When I try to enable it, I get an error. See image.