Security, Itunes Media server, Searching the MBL

I have copied several hard drives worth of files to my MBL and I have just foud out about itunes media server, only serving from the Shared music folder under public. I have 2 issues:

  1. How public is the public folder? can anyone on the internet access those files? WD2go seems to require a username and password to access the files remotely but I immagine some smartypants hacker could get around that. is there some other way to get into the MBL? maybe some kind of backdoor? I just want to make sure my content is secure and no body can get to it without at least 1 password.  putting my music in a public folder makes me nervous. which brings me to issue 2.

  2. is there a way to force itunes to see the files in private shares? Do i have to move all the music to the public\shared music folder? if that’s the case is there a search feature that I can pull out the .mp3 files from all the shares? Do I have to SSH into the Linux side of the drive to search  and move them that way?

sorry for the long post so full of questions, I simply cant find the information I’m looking for. please help! TIA

Hello there, to answer your questions:

  1. The My Book Live public folder is as secure as any computer on your network, they would need to bypass the router and ISP firewall in order to actually gain access and even IF they do, then all of your computers would be at risk.

  2. At least from the dashboard there is no way to force the Itunes server to see different location on the My Book Live, maybe someone with enought Linux knowledge could provide you information if this is possible or not.

I was hoping that the itunes server would be able to index the drive and see what audio files where on the drive if any. but I have to go back through all my files MANUALLY and pull out the music to the public share… :frowning:  What a drag! This stuff isn’t as automatic as I would like it to be. Thanks for the reply. 

Twonky media server indexes the entire drive or wherever you specify to index and pulls out audio, video, photos or whaterver you specify.  

Your main problem with the MBL is that you are using a non-Apple product (WD) with an Apple ecosytem.  If you got out of the Apple ecosystem you’d find that the tech options are much more diverse and better in every way except for being simple.