Security issue questions

Hi All

I have 3 problems/issues

  1. Having set up the device and put all my content on, my mrs downloaded the WD app on her i-phone and got immediate access to the hard drive without being promoted to request a passcode or go through any other security measures.  Is there a way to prevent access without a password

  2. I am using  a Mac.  Having been able to access the dashboard for the last 3 days, clicking on the dashboard icon now just freezes and I cannot access the dashboard.

  3. Is there a way to put documents in an area which is not public.  I can only see public folders.

Many thanks


When you use your iPhone app and the iPhone is connected to your local network, your iPhone has the same access as a local computer. If you were to use your iPhone outside of your home network, you would need first to set up a user with remote access on the NAS, then you would instruct the iPhone app to find the devices managed through the corresponding wdmycloud/wd2go account. Upon logging in the app with this account, you would see the device.

Verify that the IP address of the NAS has not changed. On most home network, the router is assigning IP addresses dynamically, and it is possible that your NAS has now an IP address that is different from the one at setup time, which is recorded in the shorcut. It is recommended to set your router to give a fix, specific IP address to your NAS.

You can create new shares on the NAS using the dashboard, specify which users have access to which shares, etc. Therefore you can set up a share that is not public. and reserved to only certain users. Consult the user manual.

Thanks. I have logged into my router and cannot do anything to manually asign an IP address to the NAS.  Have you any idea how I change the shortcut to the dashboard to change the IP address to the one that the NAS is on.

Check your user manual for your router, many routers do allow for fixed IP assignment, while keeping the DHCP server on.

In case your router doesn’t support this feature, you have to use the dashboard to manually assign an IP address. Follow the instructions of the user manual. Take extra caution while setting this up. Making a mistake could result in losing the connection to the NAS completely. Pick and IP address for your NAS that is OUTSIDE the range that the router use to assign IP addresses through DHCP.