Security Issue My Book Live

I created a new user and a private (password protected) share. The Wd2Go app on my IPhone correctly required the id and password. However, using Windows 7, I am able to map a drive letter to it using MyBookLive->Map without request for password. Not giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Windows 7 Version 6.1.7601 Service pack 1 Build 7601

My Book Live Firmware = MyBookLive  02.42.02-012 : Core F/W

Last Update = Thu 18 Apr 2013 08:02:14 AM EDT

This seems to be the same issue that was reported in 2011 in this post:

Well, the issue that was in that post was resolved quite a while back, so I doubt that it’s the same issue.

Keep in mind, a “share” does NOT have password protection in and of itself.

Shares are associated with users, and users have passwords (or not.)

First, when you say you’re using “MyBookLive -> MAP” I assume you’re expanding the MyBookLive and selecting a listed share, and rightclicking the share name and then doing “Map Network Drive”

Windows 7 won’t ask for a user ID / password for that map if the selected share:

  1- is already “remembered” by Windows (the user ID and password are stored away)

  2- or the share selected is a public share.

So just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing (and to make sure I’m not making assumptions)

Go into the MBL management webpage.

Click the SHARE in the left side menu that you’re talking about.

After clicking the share, on the right side of the menu, it will have a “Share Access” section.

Below that, ensure that PRIVATE is selected (not Public)

and below that will be a list of users.

You need to make sure that all of the check-marked users have passwords set.

Everything is setup precisely as you describe. So it must be that WIndows 7 is remembering the userid and password. How can I make it forget?

Open the Windows Credentials Manager and look under the “Windows Credentials” section.