Security concern For Mycloud Ex2100 and ipod touch

Me and my family like to keep our cloud private, I was a bit concerned that a visitor using our house wifi, downloaded the app via apple, spotted the ex2100 as a local device and got access to all the shares on the Ex2100 device with no restriction. We all used a code before we could obtain initial access ?? He was able to download, view play everything. We have the share servers like Timemachine etc switched off for the shares but that makes no difference to this issue whatsoever. I use it for work too and have had to remove my work stuff for security reasons.

We do not use the public share, we all have our own shares.

This thing is not secure at all.

I have read the manual again and there seems nothing I can do to stop this.

Any one have a solution ?

Because your using an EX2100 you may want to post to the dedicated EX series subforum where they may be users more knowledgeable about that EX series model, or search (using the magnifying glass icon upper right) through that subforum to see of others have a similar issue with that EX series model. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud models.

Further you may want to see and search through the dedicated mobile app subforum to see if there is any information there that may be relevant to your issue.

Thanks will do