Security Cam feed recording

I have a Wyze V2 security cam that supports RTSP. I don’t have an NVR. Is there a way I can use an NVR without a hard disk and route the feed to MyCloud drive within the home network? Has anyone done this before?


Depends on the NVR (or video surveillance program/software/app) and it’s options. It would have to support saving the RTSP stream to a NAS like the My Cloud. Unfortunately the Wyze RTSP firmware doesn’t support saving the video stream using FTP or similar.

It may be possible, on some My Cloud models, to use Docker/Portainer. If one can get Docker/Portainer running on a My Cloud one may then be able to install a container running video surveillance program that would record/save the RTSP stream to the My Cloud. Such docker support will likely depend on one’s specific My Cloud model/version.

Docker and Portainer for OS5

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So I suppose I cannot use it on OS v4?

If you have a first gen single bay My cloud running OS3 v4.x firmware then you are limited by the hardware (and firmware) of the My Cloud device. One can look at installing alternate firmware to the first gen single bay My Cloud but the core problem remains, the limited underpowered hardware of the My Cloud.

Instead one would likely be better off using a second device or computer to run the NVR software and configure it to save the Wyze cam stream to the first gen My Cloud. Or spend the money for a NAS unit (like those from Synology or QNAP) that have better hardware and who’s firmware may include NVR applications that support Wyze cams.

Do an internet search for using Wyze cams with NVR. There are numerous of how-to videos and DIY blog posts for setting up NVR software to record the Wyze cam RTSP stream. For example one can use programs like Blue Iris (paid) or Shinobi (free) or Zoneminder (free).