Security and Drive Utilities recognizes new My Book Duo but not older one

I have an older 4 TB My Book Duo (approx 2 years old) that I set up with hardware encryption that I want to completely erase to give to someone. I can unlock the drives via WD Unlock with my password without a problem and have transferred all my data from the old drives to a brand new 16 TB My Book Duo. Neither Security nor Drive Utilities will access the old My Book Duo (“Attach a Supported Drive”) but Firmware Updater does. The old drive has been updated to the most recent firmware. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all WD software using the uninstallers. The Downloads section of the WD site gives me the same software for both models. Security and Drive Utilities work for the new My Book Duo just not the older one.

What can I do to get Security to access the old My Book Duo so I can remove the hardware encryption or at least change the password?

If I erase the whole drive including the WD partition via DiskUtil would I be able to reinstall the WD firmware and make the drives usable again, or will the hardware encryption render them useless?


Hi duckduckwhaa,

The WD My Book Duo External hard drive has built-in hardware encryption. The encryption is always turned on and cannot be configured.

For More information, You can refer to the link mentioned below.

You can also try swapping the Internal hard drives from your old My Book Duo to your new My Book Duo Enclosure to isolate the issue and check whether the drives are accessible or not.