Securing Backups

I am looking at purchasing a WD Live book and am having trouble understanding how this product protects your data. Say I want to backup with time machine, I’m not going to login to a public guest account to do that!

The network I would be connecting the WD Live to would be very much public and directly connected to the internet, with other users on the same subnet in my office. 

Your backup files darn well better be encrypted, then…

Dos’nt look like this is the right product for me if my only option is to operate it behind a personal firewall, I will have to look into seeing if that is possible.

Do yourself a favor, DON’T BUY A MY BOOK LIVE!!! You’ve been warned.  Theres a lot of issues with there backup software and WD isn’t doing anything about it at the moment, worse part of it is they haven’t even bothered acknowledging the issues. 

There was also problem with our last firmware update, we were told it would take about one to two week till a fix would be release and that was more than a month ago and theres been no news since then.

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