Secure remote automatic backup without having to void warranty

1.  Is there any way to do secure, remote automatic backup onto the my book live without having to void warranty? 

2.  From my understanding ftp is not secure.  sftp is but I think communicates via SSH which would void my warranty.  Is that correct?

3.  I’m actually already using syncback locally to backup my computer files onto the public folder so I can view my pictures in wdphotos with thumbnail previews.  Does using syncback void my warranty?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, you can use any backup program that you want and it wont void the warranty. I don’t know if this will work, but try mapping the my book on a remote computer using WD2go and then check if you can use a backup program to backup to a network share. Check the link below for the steps to map the my book on a remote PC.

Thanks for the idea.  Unfortunately the network drive created by wd2go disappears once you shut down and restart your computer.  Otherwise, if it functioned like google drive and some other cloud drives, your idea would work.

Oh well, I guess I’ll save my new stuff onto the 5 GM skydrive account until it fills up then, move files manually