Secure FTP for My Passport Wireless Pro

Is there a way to secure my FTP connection?

Don’t you need a wireless connection to access FTP file transfers? If so, the password set up for wireless connection should provide security.

I sent the drive back but what I was asking was to be able to add a password to FTP connections. When you turn on FTP, it is open (Annonymous) so anyone with the IP address could access the drive.

My understanding (based on using My Passport wireless pro for media serving) is that you can ONLY access content on this drive while on the local wifi network.
If someone is not logged in to your network then the ip won’t connect. You cannot use this device to access files/media via internet, so FTP lack of security should not pose a risk. If you can’t connect to the wireless network that the wireless pro is connected to, then you can’t FTP to or from it.
I have only had mine for a short time and haven’t tried FTP feature so if someone is long term user here, maybe you could confirm or debunk my current understanding.

FTP over SSH tunnel (also known as SFTP) is pretty much secured but you already have that option on your Passport Wireless Pro device. The question is how many of your client-side devices are supporting SFTP protocol. From PC or MAC you have no problem at all… from camera or so, perhaps, you will face issues to connect.