Secure Accessing Problem


Kindly help me in the following problem.

We have a home network over switch and recently we connect a WD my cloud device to the same switch and we creat a user names and folders for the new device (only some network users)

The problem is every network users can enter the device only by entering a dvice IP address on run dialog box

They cannot enter a private folders (only public folders)

but i dont not regsterd network user to enter the new device.


Accessing the admin UI: only the user with the green a checkmark in the list of users on the admin UI can access the UI. Add a password for that user, and nobody else will be able to access the UI

Accessing a share: make a share private using the admin UI, then select which user has access (read/write, read only, or no access). Of course, it is better to give a passwort to each user. Not that anybody on a local network (even non NAS users) can access the public share, but remotely, only remote-enabled users can access the share.

Accessing content through DLNA server. This is the icon yousee in “MyPC”. Any share that has media sharing enabled (pictures, videos, music) displays content this way, regardless of the share access set up described above.