Section 8 - why I'm never buying WD again

The newest update to the iPhone app won’t let me use it until I agree to section 8 which is a legal agreement that I never sue. Frankly I’ve never sued anyone and can’t imagine suing WD but I won’t buy from any company that pulls **bleep** like this. Makes me sick. Shouldn’t even be legal. Lots of other options out there WD. Not smart ticking off your customers.

Houseofjanzen wrote:
The newest update to the iPhone app …

Which of the three apps are you talking about?

I haven’t seen an update to any of the apps in months.

Oh, I see it…  in the new WD Remote app.

Just in case anyone later reads this, they called me but for no reason really. All they did was repeat what section 8 already says.
This bull **bleep** should be illegal, and at the very least is immoral.

Heheh… Well, I don’t know that I’d go that far… The option is yours. They’re not forcing it on you…

I guess it all depend in which country you’re in. In many placed putting something lsimilar to the stuff in “Section 8” is null and void by the law of he land. I’ve had this issue a few times with a few stores. So far I’ve always won and got my way.