Secret webbrowser

someone already tested this?

go to settings - system and press the search button - wait a minute

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Use “Secret Search”  :wink:

But strangely you seemed to have used his screenshots ?

i found them on an other dutch forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep good find using my images! And it’s NOT behind the system screen …  :smileyvery-happy:

Found it:

Not surprised now i see who did the “find” …

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i just found one on the media streamer. to get to it select setup and then about then pree the the search key!

This was allready confirmed. Read the thread linked in the second post.

Works for Hub and SMP … :wink:

i can only read english!

Don’t think so, he said second not the fourth. :slight_smile:

sorry but i should also kept scrolling down as well

wdtvhub wrote:
Don’t think so, he said second not the fourth. :slight_smile:

this is great to see but how do you search with just using the wd remote. it doesn’t seem to work.

You will need a usb keyboard and a ubb mouse (or a wireless set), otherwise you can’t use the browser (for example with the remote or with an android app).

But safe the trouble , the browser is not worth your time. It crashes a lot, you can’t use html5, flash and many other plugins you are used to in your own browser and it’s slow.

Great to see a Dutch user found this, I thought Medic did, but I am not sure. Nothing beats the Dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

dutchuser wrote: Great to see a Dutch user found this, I thought Medic did, but I am not sure. Nothing beats the Dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

Message 8

Yes i found it and i wrote how i did it in the other thread, the only thing is the guy on the Dutch forum is using my images making it look like he did the find. Then the thread starter here comes with some sort of cross post using my images again. Only when theres comment that he used my screenshots he admit that he found it on some forum.

The bad thing about two seperate threads on the same subject is that people do not read everything and start asking questions in one thread about things that are allready answerd in the other.

About your statement “if it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much” i have to argue with that because BMW and Mercedes are way better cars then what … ow jah in the Netherlands are no car manufacturers … :laughing:

In Dutch this is:

Het komt erop neer dat het niet uitmaakt wie het gevonden heeft maar als je iets post zet dan in ieder geval je bron erbij dan bestaat er geen misverstand. Dat geldt natuurlijk, zeker in dit geval, ook voor meneer Dikkiedikdik op Tweakers aangezien hij met elke post doet alsof het zijn forum is.

Je begrijpt de Nederlandse taal is geen probleem voor mij …

Lol, wist niet dat je ook Nederlander bent.

It would be nice if other users who quote your posts would post an url to the original post.

Too bad we can’t use this experimental browser for uitzending gemist or rtl gemist.

It would be great if WD would create a new mediaplayer with a good webbrowser and ability to use apps / plugins , I would definitely buy it if there is still the option to create your own interface / theme with it (but I am sure they will not remove this functionality due to good community support.