Secondary Drive for Storage Option Help

I need to add a secondary 2TB drive for streaming HD and SD video via Ethernet to my HD Live Streaming Video Player. I can’t decide what to buy. From what I have read the Green drive would be good but I see some bad reviews on it. The Black drives are more money so I don’t want that unless I would need it. This drive would only be for storage and streaming purposes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I have a Caviar Green, it works great as a media hard drive. Caviar black are more for gaming or design programs. 

I think you understand the situation. Green drives are designed to go to sleep when they’re not being accessed, Black drives are designed for an always-on situation. But keep in mind that the warranty on the Greens are only 2 years now (down from 3 years) and the Blacks have a 5-year warranty. It sort of demonstrates how much faith WD has in them. I think the turning on / turning off feature seems to stress them. Also some adapters seem to keep them running constantly instead of letting them shut off, and that seems to be a problem. But no matter which drive you pick, you should make a copy of the data you really want to keep. I’ve had so many of the Black 500 GB drives die on me that I now copy almost everything to a second hard drive.

Thanks to both of you for the help. I think I’ll take my chances on the green drive and its warranty. I’ll back up the most important stuff to my primary drive. :wink: