Second drive in windows sharing

i attempting to share a second drive with the wdtv live  from windows the drive sharing is enabled how ever in wdtv hd live the drive letter shows up and under folders a folder appears how ever there is only one video and that is not the correct video in fact the video is broken i aware of third party apps wich act as a server at times i rip a dvd and prefer to have an iso image rather than multible files 


Please review the steps on the following link:

How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus 

let me refrase the question as to how i understand the procdure the issue is the drive and folder are shared and are  seen how ever only one video shows up and the video not only does not work it is not even a titile in the folder all premison for the folder are allowed  i am on the same home group

timelord wrote:

i am on the same home group

Homegroups aren’t supported by anything other than Windows 7 & 8 computers.   WDTV certainly doesn’t use them.

They need to be in the same WORKGROUP.

Also, are you sure you’re using “Network Shares,” not “Media Servers?”

Finally, you said you have a “WDTV HD Live” – that’s an old player, the forum for that is here:

actually they do i have mine under home group and changed back to work group either way i still have the same issue  the drive and folder show up only one video is lsited and it is not even on the hard drive

it is actually wdtv live